Extreme Speed Relational Database Management System

HyperXtreme X server
High performance database platform for web apps, cloud and network deployment. Works as database server as well as embedded in server apps for transaction processing, analytics and ETL applications. Supports disk-based tables and compact memory tables with full durability or as pure in-memory tables.
HyperXtreme W workstation
High-performance database for development, testing and deployment of large local and embedded datatases

HyperXtremeSQL™ is a super-fast SQL database system. It support SQL and JDBC in J2SE and J2EE contexts.

HyperXtremeSQL has been developed in parallel with the open-source HyperSQL (HSQLDB) engine. Fully compatible at the application level, it can replace the HSQLDB jar in an existing application with no change to theuser application code. Supported by hundreds of third party frameworks and applications, it has all the advantages of HyperSQL, including MVCC and lock-based transactional modes and thehighly advanced SQL and database management features

HyperXtremeSQL is built around a new indexing and persistence core that breaks new ground as it lowers the code footprint, reduces memory use and at the same time significantly speeds up performance in all areas of SQL, all modes of database operation and all sizes of database.

Since its introduction in late 2004, HyperXtremeSQL has been in use on hundreds of servers, thousands of desktops and tens of thousands of embedded platforms. The new version 2.3.3 features major improvements over previous versions.


HyperXtremeSQL raises the SQL performance bar to such levels that allow existing applications to scale up beyond their original limits.

Data can be selected or inserted at rates of around a million rows per second. By harnessing such phenomenal performance, HXSQL opens new horizons for all Java applications.

The SQL / JDBC interface is highly optimized and adds only a marginal overhead to data storage and retrieval. HyperXtremeSQL can be used for a wide range of applications, from simple Key/Value stores, to applications that need fast indexed access to large amounts of complex data, whether in memory or on disk. The fully-featured SQL query engine offers additional query possibilities to simplify reporting and management.



HyperXtremeSQL can scale up or down to suit the platform and data set. It can handle billions of rows per table plus up to 64TB lob storage. The memory footprint can be configured easily for maximum speed in a small memory footprint, or for full memory residence.



HyperXtremeSQL is a separate product from HSQLDB and has been developed since 2004 by Fred Toussi, lead developer and maintainer of HSQLDB. HyperXtremeSQL is fully compatible with the latest release version of HSQLDB.