HyperXtremeSQL™ Versions

HyperXtremeSQL™ is available in two versions:

The server X version is focused on high performance multi-threaded access, large memory and large data for cloud and local databases.
The workstation W version does not have the COMPACT table and advanced analytics features of server X and is limited to workstation applications.

HyperXtremeSQL™ is fully compatible with HyperSQL 2.3.4.


Each license package includes some support to help you use HyperXtremeSQL in your application. Support is provided via email. A discount is available when you pay for additional support with your purchase of licenses.


HyperXtremeSQL Licensing

HyperXtremeSQL licenses are inexpensive and available in packages. Separate licenses are available for internal use of the engine by the customer or for redistribution as part of an application or software solution. The licenses are based on the role performed by the computer hosting HXSQL: server or desktop.

Server Licenses for internal use only (see the End User License Agreement):

Server Licenses for Software As Service deployment:

These licenses are valid for 2 years deployment and are renewable.

Workstation Licenses for internal use only (see the End User License Agreement):

Software updates will be supplied free of charge for one year from the data of purchase. Update service can be extended for 25% of the license cost per year. Software update service for SAS licenses is free of charge. Each license package can be upgraded to a larger one within 3 months of purchase at price difference.

For all redistribution licenses, including server, desktop and embedded versions, please inquire including a description of your application and required number of licenses and link to your company web site. A separate License Agreement with easy terms is used for redistribution. Volume discounts are available for larger deployments.  Email address hxsql(at)cluedup.com.

Evaluation Licenses:

Purchase of development server licenses or workstation licenses are required for evaluation. When you decide to buy licenses for deployment, you will pay only the price difference to upgrade the licenses.



A Server host is defined as a host that has multiple simultaneous connections to other hosts or clients, or that performs a central part in a client server setup. Up to 10 JDBC clients or unlimited web clients can connect to a Server host. Each additional JDBC client requires a workstation license.

Each instance of HyperXtremeSQL running on a server host requires a license.

Examples of the use of one server license.

A Desktop host is defined as a host that acts as a personal computer. HyperXtremeSQL Workstation licenses are for desktop hosts only. Example of the use of one license for HyperXtremeSQL Workstation


How to Purchase

We accept bank transfer for payment. Please send your order by email and indicate your preferred form of payment. We will then send you details on how to send the payment. Email address hxsql(at)cluedup.com.

Credit Card Orders

For licenses for internal use, we also accept credit card payments via the secure payment service operated by Jochen Merz Software.

Item Code Description Price
LIC-D002 2 development server licenses 400 Euros
LIC-X002 2 server licenses + 2 development server licenses + 1 hour support 1000 Euros
LIC-W010 10 workstation licenses 400 Euros
LIC-W030 30 workstation licenses + 1 hour support 1000 Euros

You will receive prompt confirmation of your order. Once payment has been processed, we will send you the binaries together with an invoice in PDF format. All services and licenses for HyperXtremeSQL™ are supplied by Clued Up Communications, a company based in London, England.