HyperXtremeSQL™ shares HSQLDB's interface and most of the query-processing classes, so it is fully compatible at the application level with the latest release version of HSQLDB.

Specific HXSQL Features

Extensive analytic query support with CUBE, ROLLUP, GROUPING SETS, WITHIN GROUP, window queries with OVER ( PARTITION .. GROUP BY ... RANG | ROWS ...) conforming to Standard SQL and fully compatible with major database systems that provide the same functionality.

PL/HXSQL language for SQL triggers, procedures and functions. Similar dialect to PL/SQL.

More efficient memory use for all-in-memory tables.

The server X version has additional column store compact memory features supporting both transactional and analytic use. Stores up to 8 times more data in the same memory footprint. Fast load and save as multi-gigabyte compact memory tables are loaded and saved in seconds.

Huge speed improvement over HSQLDB with large data sets stored on disk. Two to 8 times the speed depending on the operation.

Better management of disk space with minimum need to defragment the data file.

Versioned secondary persistence allows recreation of database to any point in time. Damaged database file can be recovered / recreated to the latest point.

Creation of indexes, unique and foreign key constraints is much faster than HSQLDB. Dropping indexes and constraints is almost instant.

HyperXtremeSQL is supplied in binary format only. Compatible with JDK 6 and later.

Additional documentation on specific aspects of HXSQL (configuration, new SQL and management features) is supplied with the software.

Drop-in Replacement for HSQLDB

Shared features are covered extensively on the HSQLDB WEB SITE. Some important common features are listed below: